Power over Pain
How to Get the Pain Control You Need


"Dr. Eric Chevlen and attorney Wesley Smith have teamed up to write this fast moving and fascinating book about pain and its relief. From cancer pain to headaches, from fibromyalgia to sickle cell crisis, from shingles to multiple sclerosis, Power Over Pain covers it. For those with a life-threatening illness, the message is clear: no one needs to die in unrelieved suffering. For those with less threatening but equally painful conditions, there is also help. This is a book about the wonderful help available and how to go about getting it."

- N. Gregory Hamilton, M.D.
President of Physicians for Compassionate Care

"This is a timely book. Pain control is commanding new attention among health professionals with improved drugs and technology. Still, these vignettes of real patients show that prejudice about pain and fear about the use of opiates, however appropriate, delay effective and compassionate treatment. Patients will find hope in the pages of this book."

- Kit Costello, R.N.
Former President of the California Nurses Association

"This important collaboration between a renowned pain management physician and a longtime consumer advocate provides critical information for pain patients and their families. It debunks many of the myths of pain treatment and helps consumers to navigate this highly charged area of medical practice by combining important scientific information with practical tips on advocacy."

- H. Rex Greene, M.D.
Physician Director, City of Hope
National Medical Center, Duarte, CA

"In today's world, information is power. Power Over Pain is aptly named, for Chevlen and Smith provide readers with the information they need to take control over their pain - and regain control of their lives. The authors succeeded in clearly and simply explaining the complex physiology and pharmacology of pain. But the go further, providing pain sufferers with the terms, tips and tools required to effectively work with their doctors and within the health care system to get the relief they need."

- Ira Byock, M.D.
Author of Dying Well (Riverbend/Putnam),
Past President of the American Academy
of Hospice and Palliative Medicine


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